The iQX team assert that discoveries in the laboratory will generate novel therapeutics, diagnostics, devices and services that will transform society for the better. We also understand that these discoveries will require capital for their true potential to be realised.

With over 1100 registered companies and a wealth of additional registered IP, Australia can be considered an innovative global hub.

Considering the wealth of IP we have in Australia, there is a comparative lack of early stage investment. When we compare the US and Australia, there is approx. only 2% the amount of Venture Capital (VC) available to early stage Australian companies compared to their US counterparts. Also, on an absolute basis the amount of money invested by VC into Australian has reduced every year since 2009.

This has resulted in the current situation where there is a lot of great potential IP but little to no VC to help fund this IP to the next critical stage.

iQX provides VC to early to fund the initial part of their journey and get them on their way.
We typically invest post discovery before pre-clinical, where risk and costs are not understood by other Venture Capitalists.